A Door Unopened

A Door Unopened
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chris Isaak Plays Rodney Strong

This is another Yelp reveiw I thought you might find amusing:

This is a review of Chris Isaak's performance at Rodney Strong Vineyards on August 29.

Before I get carried away let me just say this:
Why does anyone bother paying wads of dough to buy concert tix and then yack their way through the entire thing? Even if you do consider yourself a music critic (and apparently you do) why don't you just shut the hell up and let the rest of us decide if WE'RE enjoying it or not. Or walk out. No one paid to hear you flap your yap during a concert. Zip it, Zippy. I'm lookin' at YOU Mr. and Ms. Pinhead from Mill Valley/Tiburon.


Rodney Strong is a terrific concert venue. It's not too large, engendering a feeling of intimacy. You never feel like the show is so far away that maybe you should check your email or see if someone responded to your desperate plea for attention on Facebook. Summer weather in Healdsburg is generally hospitable; we never needed the blanket we brought. There's good wine to drink. The occasional Monarch flutters by. No mosquitos. And the twilight brings the flitting of bats in the distance. I suppose if it were quiet enough you'd be able to hear the grapes ripen. But hey--it's a concert. No quiet allowed.

Mia Dyson was really good--another whiskey-voiced sister souljah in the ranks which include Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams (God, if only she COULD sing!) Susan Tedeschi and their ilk. She played guitar and sang while Michael Lindsey drummed and backed up her vocals. Big, strong sound coming out of a gal on the the tinier side of average. Think of a 2010 Pat Benetar but with more oomph and less makeup and hair gel. She did a great version of Lucinda's "Can't Let Go" along with some other good stuff ending with a song called "Romeo". She packed a wallop in the 1/2 hour she was allotted. A great opener for Chris Isaak.

When CI and his band took the stage (right on time--no waiting--no hype) it was still light out. That hot pink, spangly suit seemed so out of place amidst the fields of vines and yet he got the joke by making fun of the suit and then one-upped himself later in the show by coming out in a mirrored job. Chris, I gotta tell you, your best look is that form-fitting black T-shirt with black jeans because let's face it, your form is still fine. Leave the jazzy suits for when you're old and doughy. In fact, if you want to rock it shirtless, I believe you could pull it off. Let me know and I'll be there to check it out.

                                                 (photo credits Tim Amato)

Chris is a generous performer. His pipes (falsetto still intact) sound just like they used to 20 years ago. He's chatty, witty, still pretty and seems to LOVE his job. Well, why not? Being adored by giddy, horney, middle-aged women can't be ALL bad. Right? I mean, unless you're Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Momsen. (No worries for Taylor. Most middle-aged women are just hoping their daughters turn out a little less, shall we say, rough around the edges? ::cough, cough::).

Chris and his band rocked it for a bit more than two hours. He even invited 3 women audience members on stage to dance during "Dancin'". Be aware ladies, you want the front seats and if you dance like a modern-day Salome, you too may be selected to shake your groove thang right up there on stage next to Rollie and Herschel. Hotties, you were lookin' good! Next time Chris, pick me, PICK ME!

And Chris, or perhaps you prefer, Mr. Isaak, if there's one thing I can suggest it's this:
Let your hair answer nature's call. We know you've got a LEAST a little bit of grey creeping in. Let it show. You've earned it and it only adds to your cred. Just take a deep breath and put the Grecian Formula down. It'll look good, trust me.

So yeah! The show was great and ended early enough that we got home in time to wind down and mosey on to bed around 10:30 so we weren't too wrecked to start out the week. Yeah, we're THAT old. In fact, I manage to stay in a state of denial about my age until I'm in the midst of a bunch of oldster rock fans. Then it suddenly hits me: I'M one of  THEM. How did this happen? The last time I felt so aged was a summer ago at the Boz Scaggs concert at Wente. I almost cannot admit to being there except I CAN say it wasn't my idea. I caved to group politics. Sigh. I AM old.

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