A Door Unopened

A Door Unopened
Knock, knock...

Friday, September 17, 2010


I find the trait detestable,
On which I’m loathe to dwell.
His words come out high decibel.
My honey likes to yell.

The children used to quake upon
Inception of his knell.
But now inured, they merely yawn.
Their daddy likes to yell.

The dog went deaf, no longer hears
His shouts meant to compel.
Spot looks at him, and cocks his ears.
The master likes to yell.

The cat hides out under the couch
When volume starts to swell.
His tail puffed up, he keeps a crouch.
Crazed nut case likes to yell.

The neighbors’ kids steer clear and far.
No longer try to sell
Their cookies, candies, discount cards
‘Cause Mister likes to yell.

At night my sugar’s fevered pitch
Does nothing much to quell
My frazzled nerves.  It’s such a bitch
That dearest likes to yell.

My parents fought. Their voices brought
Hostility and hell.
And this is why I’d rather not
Hear sweetie start to yell.

So please, I beg, it means so much.
My words I hope impel
Your anger stream dammed up a touch.
My darling— please—DON’T YELL!

1 comment:

  1. Andrea, if you're reading this, you should know he is less inclined to yell than before. But the grumpy factor has kept status quo.