A Door Unopened

A Door Unopened
Knock, knock...

Friday, September 17, 2010

RIND--a poem

 A perfect orb of outer skin.
All pores and dimpled, thick.
Protects the citrus fruit within
It makes the moisture stick.

The slab of green hard smoothness hugs
Pink watermelon flesh.
Protection from persistent bugs,
Keeps innards wet and fresh.

Your velvet white and leathered hide.
Rank breeding ground for mold.
Protecting, ripened cheese inside,
Its pungency you hold.

Bubbled, lumpy, puffed up big
Sad, morbid, crispy snack.
Protects no more, the murdered pig.
Wants life and skin brought back.

Betrayer, wrinkles as I age
Mottled, sagging, plundered.
Protector of myself you gauge,
My youth has gone asunder.

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